Human dynamic

Eric Kung
Founded in 1993, Human Dynamic offers effective people management solutions for businesses that undergo the effects of globalization and organizational change. The group’s mission is to help corporate clients transform their organization culture, enhance people management effectiveness, and build a joyful, healthy & productive workforce. With 19 direct offices in China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Vietnam and Slovakia, as well as an extensive worldwide professional network in Australia, Philippines, Indonesia, United States, Middle East, and Europe, Human Dynamic is well-poised to cater to the unique local community and diverse individual needs in each location.

Our professional team includes people management consultants, HR professionals, psychologists, counsellors, lawyers, accountants, work life coaches and wellness consultants.

Human Dynamic is a leader in Integrated People Management Solutions (IPMS) providing a well-rounded suite of services including:

  • People Management Consulting (PMC)
  • Business Leadership Coaching (BLC)
  • Learning and Development (L&D)
  • Work Life Coaching™ (WLC)
  • Wellness Consulting Service (WCS)
  • Outplacement Consulting Service (OCS)
  • Change Management Consulting (CMC)
  • Critical Incident Management (CIM)
  • Leadership Potential Assessment (LPA)