Measuring Strategic Results, Assessing Organizational Performance

Metrus Group was founded in 1988 with the objective of enabling companies to unlock the highest value possible through better understanding of one of their most critical resources — the workforce. Metrus Group’s breakthrough concept of People Equity – the net value added resulting from how well an organization manages all three human resource factors – provides the central framework for creating the high-performance environment needed to move ahead. Their powerful diagnostic tools, grounded in People Equity principles, improve strategy execution and business results – yielding a distinct high performance culture.

Metrus Group is an industry leader in helping organizations maximize their performance through:

  • Creating leadership alignment with key strategies and measures
  • Implementing business strategies: balanced scorecard and strategic metrics
  • Using talent analytics, such as employee surveys, to drive business results
  • Aligning the workforce with organizational values and organizational goals
  • Optimizing talent through growing Alignment, Capabilities and Engagement of the workforce