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Do you foresee challenging developments in your future that require consistent implementation of strategy by all concerned?

As experts for change and transformation processes, we know and monitor those factors that are crucial to your success: meaningfulness, commitment, a strong focus on opportunities and benefits, participation and a rapid, consistent implementation.

Strategy implementation and change management

  • Strategically structuring the phases of the change process
  • Communicating the necessity and urgency of the changes
  • Ascertaining the significance, value and credibility
  • Change story – the 4 P‘s
  • Gaining acceptance and commitment
  • Combining emotional and rational processes
  • Putting together a stimulating and motivating key message
  • Being quick to take action
  • Dealing with objections and obstacles
  • Using management by objectives to implement strategies and

Concepts of agility can help in many ways to modernize leadership and
collaboration and to make organizations more dynamic in their
adaptation to changing market conditions. We support you in increasing agility in your organization and improving adaptation to dynamic business environments through culture change and mindset change.

Increasing agility of the organization

  • Synchronize two systems – hierarchy and network
  • Implement radical customer orientation („outside-in“ thinking)
  • Task structures and work forms, complex and complicated
  • Radical learning mindset, live iterative processes
  • Identify and actively develop the agile mindset
  • Agility – culture change and mindset change
  • Implement OKR as a modern MbO
  • Actively promote and support new iterative forms of collaboration
  • Consciously apply the new methods in goal development and project management in general
  • Keep self-organization, feedback culture, learning attitude and result orientation high in parallel
  • Implement a positive error culture

We assist you in structuring the merger to preserve the individual companies’ strengths while promoting the integration of strategies, structures, as well as processes alongside the alignment of values and mind set.

  • Integrating different corporate cultures
  • Maintaining strengths, creating synergies
  • Balancing change and stability
  • Developing a new, shared corporate identity
  • Communicating the value, significance and direction, building trust
  • Maintaining the company’s ability to act and its market power
  • Winning the loyalty of top performers and motivating them
  • Initiating cross-company team development processes
  • Managing and stabilizing customer and supplier relationships as well as business partnerships
  • Integrating and harmonizing systems (e.g. strategic planning,
    performance management, management by objectives, performance and competency reviews, remuneration, and career planning…)
Performance Management is a structured process that creates a direct link between the business and individuals as well as between strategy and learning. We help you create and implement a system to suit your needs in terms of management by objectives, competencies, skills and personnel development.
  • Integrating management by objectives, performance assessment, and development plans
  • Implementing OKR and modern MbO
  • Emotionally charging and anchoring goals
  • Integrating performance management into the leadership process
  • Developing competence models for all functions and hierarchy levels
  • Regularly conducting competence reviews
  • Creating successful motivating review processes

In the coming years, recruitment will continue to become more and more competitive. We will support you in your efforts to recruit talent and to aid you in identifying and systematically developing existing talent within your organization.

  • Defining future key competencies and future needs
  • Identifying and systematically developing talent and high potentials
  • Establishing transparency regarding competencies and human capital
  • Consistently adjusting recruitment and succession planning based on company needs
  • Structuring constructive succession planning in management
  • Improving your employer brand and becoming a preferred employer
  • Winning the loyalty of top performers and motivating them
  • Developing suitable career models for management and specialists
  • Offering customized coaching and development programs

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