Coaching and Training


Coaching and focused/specific training

The coaching process

Our coaching services center around the issues your managers and employees are faced with. Our focus is always to increase the individual’s effectiveness when dealing with their challenges.

The 3-E approach to training

When structuring training programs, we focus on ensuring the transfer of learning and new concepts by systematically laying the groundwork for and following up on the transfer. In order to guarantee that the workshop is effective and leads to success in the real world, we not only incorporate the requirements and challenges of the participant’s job but also involve the respective manager. Participants can organize and manage the individual steps of the learning process as well as track their success using the 3E- Coach, our solution for mobile learning.

Our consultations and one-on-one coaching helps you understand complex, challenging business situations and shows you how to use them as an opportunity for personal development. The goal is to identify and implement solutions that are right for you.

  • Clarifying your personal goals
  • Clarifying your business and strategy related goals
  • Career changes
  • Decision making in complex, ambiguous situations
  • Managing and mastering change processes
  • Mastering crises and dilemmas

Based on an analysis of the concrete team situation and interface situation in networked organizations by means of interviews and team potential analysis TPE, we support teams in the development of a positive a positive performance culture and train the competencies necessary to implement it.

  • Analysis of the team situation – strengths and areas of conflict
  • Business requirements and alignment
  • Definition of the mindset necessary for success
  • Trust, goal orientation, conflict strength, ownership
  • Training of competencies
  • Support and coaching

Performance coaching is ideally suited to act as a follow up to training programs by supporting and intensifying the application of new concepts. The starting point is a concrete, typically new and challenging business situation:

  • Taking on a new position
  • Changes in strategy and the necessity to substantially change procedures
  • Implementing a new sales and distribution strategy
  • Restructuring the corporation
  • Changes within an organization
  • Matrix-organization – aligning account teams
  • Implementing an international strategy
Accompanying sales personnel in the field, as well setting up coaching sessions directly before and after “difficult” customer situations are extremely effective means to sustainably leverage the new skills and achieve measurable effects.
  • Accompanied field visits (specific visits with difficult customers, set up with their agreement)
  • Curbside discussions – mandatory feedback after every customer meeting as an element of field coaching
  • Goals for the implementation of new skills and behaviour / ensuring the transfer
  • Online-coaching: using phone conferences to support the manager in their learning goals and ensure learnings transfer

Success in challenging leadership or sales tasks is as dependent on personal strength, composure and charisma as it is on technical, methodical or social competencies. Our workshops and coaching sessions teach you to view your own leader or sales personality as a success factor and explain how to consciously use this to your advantage.

  • Being aware of your personality programs and their effects on leadership and partnerships
  • Identifying and developing your strengths and potential
  • Leaving your own “comfort zone”
  • Seeing obstacles as opportunities for personal development
  • Consciously decide „DO“ or „DON’T DO“
  • Improving your ability to deal with dilemmas
  • Controlling your stress programming
  • Training to be calm and composed in the face of chaos
  • Personal charisma and authenticity

Your procurement department’s negotiation skills directly contribute to improving your bottom line. Our workshops aim to help buyers obtain better terms and prices by acting self-confidently and negotiating assertively and in a fair and profit-oriented manner.

  • Knowing and utilizing supplier typologies
  • Recognizing typical sales strategies and blocking them
  • Developing your own negotiation strategies
  • Mastering the basics of positioning yourself
  • Getting your prices and terms
  • Putting together a compelling argumentation and making specific
  • Using Pull instead of Push
  • Effectively dealing with objections
  • Fending off unfair and destructive techniques

Internal and external presentations are unique opportunities to reach coworkers, team members, customers or business partners on both an emotional and a rational level in order to inspire good solutions. In our presentation coaching sessions we simulate a real-life situation, taking place in real-time, and help the participants to lastingly improve their ability to influence others using presentations.

  • Preparing, putting together and structuring a motivating presentation
  • Purposefully using different media
  • How to phrase and visualize emotional key messages
  • Introducing yourself
  • Connecting with the audience and building a relationship
  • Using presentation techniques
  • Using nonverbal communication
Strong communication skills, expertise in leading discussions and dealing with conflict make the difference between the success or failure of any collaboration: teams, projects or a matrix. Our training assists participants in improving their personal impact and ability to influence using communication as well as their ability to competently deal with different types of conflict.
Communication and conflict management
  • Mastering solution oriented communication techniques
  • Recognizing conflicts early on
  • Recognizing conflict dynamics and the phases of conflict escalation
  • Mastering conflict management methods
  • Using interventions to resolve conflicts
  • “Positive loop”: activating positive attitudes in others
  • Building trust and strengthening partnerships
  • Fending off unfair and destructive methods of communication
  • “Calmly“ escalating, purposely provoking, and opening confrontation
  • Confidently conducting leadership, cooperation or conflictual
  • Training to be quick-witted and responsive

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