Potential analyses


Turning soft factors into hard factors

The performance of your managers and employees is crucial to your company’s success.
Our testing systems and methods help you choose and rely on the right people and develop these in a focused manner.

Our tests were developed to make the potential factors responsible for professional success visible and easy to understand, as well as to make it possible to develop them. From the very start, each test underwent practical trials in order to ensure accuracy and acceptance among those concerned. The standards refer to the respective target groups (managers, sales staff, employees without managerial responsibility, project leaders, teams).
Every assessment consists of a schematic representation of the results and a substantiated interpretation by a certified expert. The interaction between the potential and the demands of the business intuitively reveals the specific areas of learning and development. Due to the direct link between test and measure, the test itself becomes the first step of an intervention.
Oftentimes potential analyses use linear models of personalities based on the premise that a higher result implies a greater likelihood of success. However, experience clearly shows that this is not the case. By explicitly including qualitative assessments such as exaggerations, blind spots and oscillations, in addition to the result for the factor, the assessment is better suited because it becomes more comprehensive.
The test’s value is not limited to its ability to assess and develop individuals. Profiles can be aggregated across departments or even the whole organization. The aggregated profiles can be used to assess the company’s risks and opportunities and derive on point development measures for organizational development and changes.
We certify HR employees as well as consultants and coaches that wish to support their customers using a scientifically sound potential-know-how. We regularly discuss our experiences with the diverse test applications within the network und utilize this new information for the continued development of the tests.
The administration and implementation of all systems is done using our online platform CSYSGATE which is available worldwide 24/7. CSYSGATE is client-enabled, multilingual and user- friendly.

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