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Individualization means demands on leadership that cannot be successfully solved by any kind of leadership style or simple leadership methodology. The technological, social and value-related changes can no longer be managed with classic hierarchical leadership and organizational models. New approaches must claim to provide answers and solutions to these challenges.

Our leadership development programs focus on increasing the effectiveness of your managers by developing those skills relevant to the implementation of your strategy and your business’ success. Additionally, we strengthen the entrepreneurial mind set increasing the extent to which managers identify with their tasks. We rely on the philosophy “learning by doing” and therefore explicitly include the specific challenges management faces in the learning process. This ensures that you will see measurable results.

Leadership culture today
  • The changing world of work – VUKA, digitalization, generations & more
  • Organizational models and cultures – where do we stand?
  • Leadership requirements today and tomorrow
Acceptance and impact through modern leadership
  • Family Culture, Trust and Psychological Security
  • Performance, Purpose and Empowerment
  • Agile approaches – OKRs as a new form of MBO
  • Leadership through personality
Current challenges – practice
  • Growth and competition
  • Performance peaks, volatility and motivation
  • Decision making on resource issues
  • „Staying in the game …“
  • Peer coaching and focused training
The development of my leadership style
  • My concrete resolutions
  • Changing personal patterns and habits
  • My new identity as a leader
  • The concrete plan
  • Positive Loop – listening to and reinforcing positive things and thus achieving trust and a positive basic attitude
  • Driver`s Seat – steer yourself and let steer: Practicing ownership and responsibility and generating it in the team
  • Feel the Future – being directive without directives: the tool for alignment and result orientation
  • Leading through reality – letting facts speak and thus acting
    effectively in a non-hierarchical way
  • Suction and pressure – achieving conviction and a real „yes“ through compelling argumentation
  • Activating the will – the master plan for contemporary and modern leadership

Our basic leadership development programs cover the fundamentals of leadership, conveying the essence of what it means to be a leader using real-life examples. The programs help increase your managers’ effectiveness when dealing with their respective tasks and challenges.

  • Learning and applying the principles of activating leadership
  • Reflecting on and clarifying your role and your understanding of yourself as a leader
  • Identifying and reflecting on your personality and behavioural patterns
  • Recognizing and leaving your comfort zone
  • Strengthening motivation, commitment and sense of personal responsibility
  • Mastering teambuilding and team leadership techniques
  • Identifying and tapping into employee potential
  • Intelligently and effectively delegating tasks
  • Setting motivating goals
  • Inspiring your team to pursue challenging goals
  • Competently dealing with conflicts
  • Giving effective feedback
  • Conducting motivating review meetings

Our advanced leadership development programs focus on helping experienced managers improve even more; strengthening their skills, helping them access their potential to the fullest extent in order to effectively implement strategies and successfully manage complexity and changes.

  • Leading and coaching leaders
  • Developing and implementing strategies
  • Developing and implementing a performance culture for your department
  • Establishing a performance management system
  • Initiating and managing changes
  • Competently dealing with complexity and uncertainty
  • Conveying confidence of success and stability in challenging situations
  • Improving your confidence, composure and stability in the face of chaos and stressful, challenging situations
  • Strengthening your ability to deal with dilemmas
  • Working on challenging case studies / case studies based on your experiences
  • Intensifying peer coaching

Our programs for new leaders focus on familiarizing future managers with their roles and responsibilities preparing them for the challenges to come.

  • Competently and confidently mastering the first 100 days as a leader
  • Establishing yourself in your new role as a leader
  • Establishing acceptance and commitment
  • Building relationships and networking
  • Forming agreements within the team
  • Building trust and esteem
  • Recognizing conflicts early on and addressing them
  • Installing communication and information processes
  • Moderating efficient meetings
  • Conducting reviews and setting goals

Situational leadership refers to the ability to differentiate between the abilities of an employee, the “can do”” and the mindset, the “want to do”. It is important to adjust the leadership style to the individual’s profile as well as the situation in order to achieve maximum buy-in.

  • Differentiate between “can do“ and “want to do“
  • Be aware of each employee’s profile
  • Using different leadership approaches for different team members
  • Using a situational leadership approach
  • Using the appropriate approach for top performers and low performers
  • Delegating, demanding, developing and coaching
  • Conducting motivating meetings

Lateral leadership is becoming increasingly important in organizations using a complex matrix structure. In our workshops, we use real-life cases to demonstrate and practice how to be an effective leader and achieve acceptance and commitment in situations where you are not a direct superior nor have disciplinary power. We will show you how to motivate and inspire cross-functional or virtual teams to pursue ambitious goals.

  • Establishing interdepartmental cooperation
  • Managing complex projects in the matrix
  • Being accepted as a leader
  • Achieving and demanding commitment and accountability in non- hierarchical situations
  • Structuring and utilizing group dynamics
  • Accelerating teambuilding processes
  • Triggering emotional responses, motivating employees and coworkers to pursue ambitious goals
  • Solving goal conflicts and achieving win-win situations
  • Confidently dealing with power plays in the hierarchy
  • „Calmly“ escalating
  • Positioning and asserting yourself, intelligently conducting internal negotiations

Coaching-oriented leadership refers to tapping into and activating employees’ potential, causing them to develop a sense of personal responsibility and an entrepreneurial mindset. We teach managers how they can integrate coaching techniques into their leadership approach and encourage positive learning processes when executing tasks.

  • Systematically using coaching as a leadership tool
  • Overcoming mental blocks, thinking outside the box, developing new behavioural alternatives

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