Sustainable Learning – live and online


Experts for sustainable learning processes – live and online

Making meaningful use of the didactic diversity of learning media and learning formats is always a very important task when planning development measures with our customers. The consistent „red thread“ here is always the business reference, i.e. an inspiring and interesting learning for success and joy in the professional tasks.

Accelerator 1: Choice
The own design and definition of the learning topic, design and success
parameters, together with the manager, trainer and coach, increase the inner
motivation and give the learning the necessary sense of purpose.
Accelerator 2: Experience
The application and implementation of learning content in the concrete and relevant business requirement account for more than 60% of learning
success. We support the transformation of learning content into practice through clear structuring and guidance.
Accelerator 3: Success
Nothing inspires learning more than visible success in a relevant business situation. Accompaniment, feedback and support from peers and managers
contribute significantly to success.

In times of the pandemic we were forced to conduct the trainings / coachings online. Experience shows: with the right didactics we can achieve substantial learning processes with both forms.

The following aspects of the choice regarding live or online formats should be considered.
In addition, there are advantages of one form or the other, which should help to determine the decision of the format.

  1. Open program, dynamic adaptaion to participants, creativ learning content.
  2. Infomral exchange / relationship building, bonding
  3. Experiential learning important,personal development
  4. Learning content can be implemented face-to-face
  5. Local group, intensive joint learning success


  1. Structured learning content, classic concept, classic business skills
  2. Classical, factual topic, participants know each other
  3. Skill training and deepening of knowledge
  4. Learning content can be implemented online (e.g. online negotiations)
  5. International, global and large groups to be aligned together

Every development measure must be measured by the extent to which the participants make a concrete transfer to everyday professional life and success in the task increases.

We know that only about 30% of the learning process can take place in a seminar. The remaining 70% takes place in concrete action, in implementation and through direct feedback, exchange and experience.

The learning content must be conveyed in a joint process (education), then actively trained (exposure) and then concretely implemented in everyday life (experience).
Positive experiences during implementation are decisive for learning success.
That is why we also say „DOING is learning“.

The change in learning habits towards online has meant that so-called learning journeys can be implemented much more easily.

Learning topics can be packed into smaller units, transfer and implementation can be accompanied and reinforced, and the frequency with which work is done on a learning topic can be increased.

Process character, more frequent feedback and the development of a cooperating learning group are facilitated.

    The tool enables documentation of all learning steps as well as interactive work.
  2. Face-to-face intensive trainings
    Leadership fundamentals are practiced as much as possible on-site in-house.
  3. Online feedback to determine the current position
    Site assessments (test system, 360° feedback) can be conducted online.
  4. Online review meetings
    Regular implementation reviews also take place digitally, analogous to stand- up meetings.

Short formats – accelerated learning
Short formats are intensive training units of human skills. Modern didactics accelerated learning in everyday life agile approaches, Technology and digitalization
Typical topics for short formats

  • Increasing implementation strength during change
  • Achieving goals with consistency
  • Strengthen goal clarity & determination
  • Positive thinking in cooperation
  • Communicate more effectively
  • Positive loop: Living trust
  • Strengthen personal responsibility
  • Courageously overcoming difficult situations
  • Giving constructive feedback
  • Improve meetings
  • Becoming more relaxed

1. Agile at the start

  • Current business requirement as starting point
  • Participants define the need, the outcome of learning
  • Content, timing, success control and design defined together
  • Role clarification: participant, trainer / coach, manager, peers

2. Presence elements & more

  • Implementation of 2-3 presence formats
  • Preparation tasks, follow ups, intermediate coaching sessions
  • Supplementary learning content
  • Technology – simple documentation

3. Learning in everyday life

  • Peer coaching / exchange
  • Manager as feedback provider
  • Evaluation of successes / step by step
  • Exchange and communication on a motivating platform

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