brandeins award – One of the Best
Management Consultancies 2022

With our customers we develop
SOLUTIONS FOR HIGHER PERFORMANCE for dynamic and complex business requirements, that support people in committing themselves to corporate success with motivation and ease, experiencing their work as meaningful and who are willing to take responsibility

We did it again. For the 7th time in a row, we were awarded by brandeins as one of the Best Management Consultancies 2022 in the fields of Coaching, Human Resources and Strategy Development.

About us

Current relevant questions of our customers
Shaping transformation (through digitalization) in the company in an activating way
How do we succeed in shaping the transformation processes triggered primarily by digitization in such a way that employees and managers are motivated to actively tackle the necessary changes?
Strengthening ownership and empowerment in the company
How can we get employees and managers to live ownership and take responsibility in the face of high complexity and uncertainty?
Transferring classic PE topics into new learning formats
How can we increase the efficiency of learning processes through an intelligent combination of digital and live formats while maintaining the fun factor?
Achieve company-wide - also international - alignment through digital large group formats
How can we synchronize large international units in terms of goals and common alignment through digital formats?
Outside-In - Establishing Sales as a Facilitator for the Co-Creation of Solutions
In sales – how do the sales units really manage to carry the necessary customer focus into the overall organization and to anchor the agile „outside-in“ thinking in thought and action throughout? What implications does this have for collaboration and team selling? How is customer behavior changing in the digital world and how do we need to design the customer journey to accommodate the new habits?
New Normal: Define and train implications for leadership,collaboration, sales, negotiation
What competencies are needed to be even more successful in the new normal?
Introducing modern leadership, agility and contemporary MbO (OKR)
What does „modern leadership“ mean today and how can we increase internal dynamics in the face of dynamic business demands? How can we introduce modern MbO in our company and increase frequency, rhythm and learning orientation in the company through OKR?.
Ensure efficient virtual collaboration in decentralized structures (e.g. home office)
What does it mean for leadership and collaboration when home office becomes the standard?
Executive coaching in the context of high dynamics and new requirements
How do executives cope with the new demands and how do they manage to reconcile empowerment, a positive attitude, work-life balance and high-performance requirements?
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Our Approach

People make the difference
We see ourselves as the partner of choice for companies and organizations that have identified the development of human capital as the key to market leadership and profitability. To us, solution for a higher performance reconciles lasting personal motivation and top performance even when requirements of change to create competitive advantages. We consistently strive to live up to and embody these expectations. Our focus is the development of people and organizations while maintaining the balance between performance considerations and soft factors.
Emotions - DOING - Results

We pay attention to EMOTIONS, combine rational and emotional leadership and learning methods and enable authentic and sustainable development of people and organizations. We support you in combining the current performance requirements with the human factors in such a way that results and mindset are mutually reinforcing.

For us, development and growth are LEARNING BY DOING, so that personal success becomes tangible in action and the benefit for the company directly measurable. Our development offers target those competencies in the areas of leadership, team, sales and personality that are decisive for the success of the company. The focus is on the implementation and transfer of the learning content into everyday business life. Concrete and practical action in everyday life becomes the central element of the learning processes.

We turn SOFT FACTORS into HARD FACTORS. We use clear, concise and effective assessment systems that measure the potential in the areas of leadership, sales, project leadership and cooperation. In this way, the human factors can be influenced in a targeted manner and are given the necessary relevance in the design of effective interventions. Furthermore, topics such as result orientation, productivity and performance are always the starting point and objective of our interventions.

Deep understanding of people and business
We know how people „tick“ and how to motivate people to commit themselves to the cause. At the same time, we know business – the success factors of organizations and processes – and can actively use this understanding for the planning and design of development processes. The synergy of people and business results in sustainable interventions that enable intensive development processes in a combination of fun and confrontation with reality.
Customer focus in conception and implementation
Deep understanding of the customer’s situation and joint definition of goals are at the beginning of every intervention. The benchmark of our actions are the goals of our customers. We act „agile at the start“ and adapt our approaches to be maximally effective for the success of our customers. In doing so, we draw from a broad spectrum of industries in which we havebeen active for over 20 years.
Modern Learning Formats - Skills, Mindset, Personality - Live and Digital
Learning is motivating and effective in the long term if, in addition to skills,techniques and tools, the fit between the new competencies and the attitudes, mindset and personality of the participants is taken into account.
To achieve this, we use a variety of interventions and learning formats that are effective in the long term and tailored to the problem and the target group. In this way, we are successful in achieving substantial and sustainable growth of people and organizations.
Ethics and values - New Work
Economic success, competition and growth as drivers of success in business can be achieved permanently if all activities are based on human values. In our consulting and training approach, we embody a humanistic perspective, which considers meaningfulness, self-efficacy, autonomy, positive altruism and psychological safety as essential parameters and is thus in line with current New Work concepts.


A good consultation depends on a strong personality. And vice versa.
Our team consists of the core team of employees and associate partners of CEVEYCONSULTING, CEVEYSYSTEMS as well as our numerous partners, each with their own focus and expertise.
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Our history

Every beginning has its own story

A brief overview of our history affords you some insight into our more than 25 years of experience in consulting and training.
The CEVEYGROUP’S present day approach and its many facets are best explained using the company’s history. Continuously learning from experience, individual development and the application of leadership know- how, as well as an unconditional business and results-oriented approach, seen through the eyes of our client, have always been and still are at the forefront of the approach. The ambition to make soft factors measurable and, consequently, facilitating their development by using web-based systems was and is the driving force behind our work.

Today’s focus
Building on the developments of recent years, we are working intensively to develop solutions for the requirements of our customers and partners that are effective under the conditions of the VUKA world.
VUKA world and demand for excellence in leadership and corporate culture. Organizations, teams and individuals must become more agile to succeed in the VUKA world. The role, tasks and thus skills of leaders are changing significantly. Leaders are increasingly becoming enablers and coaches – under very high pressure due to the complexity of tasks and the changing expectations of employees. Managers encounter different generations, values, and ways of working that need to be aligned with common goals. Today, the quality of cooperation based on diversity is decisive for corporate success. The positive shaping of corporate culture and the ability to then live this culture in a differentiated and active manner becomes a continuous challenge in this way. We aim to provide our customers with the necessary orientation, to impart the relevant skills and in this way to enable new behavior within our own organization and in our dealings with customers.„Agility“: Changing organizational development and learning processes
The development of designs and procedures in the design of organizational development and systematic learning processes is increasingly oriented towards „agile“ principles. Together with our clients we develop specific and tailor-made solutions. We act strictly from the perspective of our customers („agile at the start“), are undogmatic and develop a language and approach that fits the world of our customers. Our training and learning formats, as well as the use of our web-based potential analyses, follow agile principles themselves in terms of pace, fast pacing, short cycles, and tight learning and feedback loops. We ensure the „common thread“ of learning and continuity through „smart“ learning platforms and community learning, effective short formats of „face-to-face“ training and design of learning processes according to the 3E principle (Education/Exposure/Experience).
Implementation support for change processes
In the course of supporting top performers in the company, concrete on-site implementation support is increasingly coming into focus. Based on agreed result parameters, we specify the success-effective doing („doing is learning“) of the top performers and accompany and support them through coaching, feedback and focused potential-oriented learning on site. Learning processes are thus transported directly into the corporate reality. Corporate success, learning success and personnel development become one.
Sales productivity and even greater focus on supporting corporate sales units
With the integration of Pierre Martin into CEVEYGROUP, we have succeeded in further expanding our competencies in the area of behavioral excellence through a clear focus on strategic selling and sales with New Media. The support of organizations in customer interaction, the training of sales units in topics such as opportunity management, key account management today and how to generate new business systematically forms a clear focus. Currently also very strongly increasing – the training of Social Selling with professional use of the new media.
2009-2019 – Growth
The standards expected of people working for our clients are high. They need to not only cope with pressures to increase efficiency and productivity, increasing internationalization, the fast pace, complexity and overall change but also to utilize them for their benefit.

Our efforts focus on the following aspects in order to live up to these demands and standards:

  1. Human capital processes and soft factors serving the client. We are intensifying our efforts to implement standards for vital processes such as measuring potential, managing by objectives, taking personal responsibility, improving performance, increasing motivation and learning across the entire company using web-based systems. This approach enables and helps management focus all their energy on common goals while ensuring strong motivation.
  2. Multiplication, benchmarks and customized solutions for our clients Multiplying and systemizing the know-how we have developed over the course of 25 years allows us to better substantiate performance and areas of development benchmarks. We focus on providing our clients the best service by ensuring our consulting services fulfil the highest standards and that the solutions provided and implemented are of the highest quality. The ongoing intensive development of our partner organization, both on a national and international level, makes it possible for us to provide comprehensive solutions while maintaining a rapid response time.
  3. Internationalization for global clients Internationalization and thus the resulting increase of European know-how are a unique and challenging task. Our intercultural approach to Global Management Systems analyses success patterns and has found that, in addition to culturally specific habits, there are measurable universal success patterns. Mastering and employing these universal success patterns helps managers of global companies become more productive and efficient. Our activities in North America and Asia in particular are shaped by this concept and have been met with very favourable results and feedback from partners and clients.
2001- 2009 Founding and Development of CEVEYCONSULTING GmbH and CEVEYSYSTEMS GmbH
Upon founding CEVEYCONSULTING and CEVEYSYSTEMS the conceptual direction was structured. The objectives and programs in use today were largely put together in 2001.

In the years 2003 to 2008, we worked on our company’s products and services in order to refine and improve them at the conceptual level. We developed our “mission” with clear focus points and universal concepts. The tension between the individual and the organization, the interplay of emotional and rational processes, as well as the importance of emotions in “out-of-the-box” learning processes were core aspects of this refinement process. Adding to this, improving the behaviour measurement processes as well as structuring the core performance topics in terms of creating a binding process were equally important aspects.

Management was integrated to a greater extent and the interplay between efficiency and human values became a very significant component of our mission. Today we can therefore credibly and comprehensively bring about investments into “human capital”. In this sense, the term “human resources” is being used less and less – resources are exploited while capital is an investment into success and growth.

1989-2000 Using the challenges oft he business world as training ground
In the early 90s, our vision was to affect “the heart and the central nervous system” of organizations. The heart represents the people while the central nervous system represents the task and goal structures of these individuals. Our mission was to work with organizations with a drive to excel that combined the necessary change-processes with the individual’s focused learning processes in order to ensure sustainable motivation and performance. An increasingly large part of our portfolio centered around the Balanced Scorecard, strategy implementation, goal commitment, emotionally charging goals, as well as the topics meaningfulness and motivation from a performance standpoint.

From the mid to late 90s the role of consultants, HR and management changed: not only did management’s involvement significantly increase but tasks were also integrated into the learning processes to a far greater extent. The role of our clients and especially our colleagues in HR changed to that of a business partner of a line organization. As coaches and consultants, our task was no longer just to improve skill sets through workshops and seminars, but rather to directly contribute to the development of the organization’s economic performance capability and to prove the effectiveness of our work.

1984/85 The CEVEYGROUP’s beginnings
The CEVEYGROUP’s beginnings: co-founding a human resources training consultancy. After intensive research in neurophysiology, behaviour and intervention methods, Dr. Bernhard Cevey co-founded a business consultancy with like- minded researchers as part of a greater network of consultants (Holz und Cevey). Drawing on the findings of academic research the training was based on the following principles:

  1. Human behaviour and, consequently, successful behaviour (skills) in organizations can be described, trained and measured.
  2. By measuring, providing feedback and focusing on the soft factors, one can verifiably achieve a higher degree of efficiency in training.
  3. Goal-oriented and successful emotional experiences can trigger a fundamental change in a person. This change or re-orientation is relatively independent of the individual’s age.

With this in mind, we developed efficient, experience-oriented training concepts that develop an individual‘s competence, particularly in the areas of:

  • Behaviour, communication, leadership & sales
  • Team, team development
  • Personality and potential development
  • Formulating objectives, time management, personal efficiency

Early on the scientific approach of measuring behaviour led to the development of the first potential test – a predecessor of the assessments we use today.

Solutions for
Higher Performance


Are you looking for solutions to deal with change? We help you plan and design your complex change and strategy implementation process. We offer support throughout the entire process and ensure that both managers and employees not only support the planned changes but actively drive them forward.
We speak in terms of solutions: the combination of methods and approaches used to create new performance standards and human learning processes allows managers and employees to embrace opportunity for personal development by moving out of their comfort zone. use the “out-of-the-box” as an opportunity for personal development.



Turning soft factors into hard factors
The performance of your leaders and employees is crucial to the success of your company.
Our potential analysis and online assessments help you to choose and rely on the right people and to design effective people development programs.

Features and benefit

  • Developed in the business for the business – with the right target group
  • Diagnosis and intervention – the handmade expert evaluation guarantees understanding and correct conclusions
  • Coaching is focused immediately on the key topics
  • Logical measurement concept – combines a qualitative approach with the precision of mathematics
  • Individual potential and the company potential – strategically developing the organization
  • Certification – tools are applicable by partners (HR and Consultants)
  • CSYSGATE platform – available 24/7

Growing together,
challenging each other,
learning from one another


This is a small selection from our customer portfolio. We will gladly provide you with more detailed references upon request.


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